Glove Repair

I finally had enough of the sloppy, not fitting ribbing on my Triquetra Cable Gloves.  So, I cut the ribbing off, picked up the stitches and knit a new ribbing with different yarn and smaller needles.  I originally used size 6 with Queensland Collection Kathmandu Aran, which is 99.99% inelastic, with zero memory.

So, they are ribbing was always completely “stretched out”.  It pretty much never pulled in like you expect ribbing to do.  For the replacement ribbing, I used Mission Falls 1824 Wool, which seems to be my new favorite yarn.  I also used size 5 needles, and switched to a K2P1 rib instead of the K2P2 I used originally.  Now, the observant of you will notice, that I had to K2tog once, as 40 is divisible by 4, but not by 3.  However, 39 is.  When I was finished, I cast off loosely using a size 6 needle.

This produced a much more elastic and useful rib for a glove.  Not to mention that the gloves stay on now.

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